On June 8th, 2024, World Environment Day was celebrated with a meaningful and engaging programme.

The event began with a symbolic inauguration by the chief guest- Mr. Mayoor Shetty, joined by Mr. Mithun D Souza, Ms. Delnaz Irani, Rev Sr. Lilly Pushpa - the Principal, Dr. Sr. Prem - the Administrator, and Rev Sr. Premal - the Vice Principal. They collectively added soil and watered a sapling, representing their commitment to nurturing and protecting the environment. Students then presented the guests with seeds, symbolizing new beginnings and future growth.

The most important part of the program was the prayer service, where Readers helped participants thank God for the elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, space, and solar energy. Through prayers of thanksgiving and intentions, they asked for Divine help in conserving these elements. The theme of World Environment Day ‘land Restoration desertification and drought resilience’ was highlighted by Sara Izza and Hafeesa. A skit performed by the students vividly depicted various types of pollution—land, air, water, and noise. Characters dressed as pollutants, like carbon dioxide and plastics, emphasized their origins and effects. The skit also featured individuals suffering from pollution-related ailments and presented practical solutions to combat these issues, ending with a hopeful message symbolized by a smiling Earth.

Following the skit, a captivating dance drama conveyed a message of hope and flexibility, manifesting the Earth's potential for recovery through sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Mrs. Jahnavi introduced the chief guest, Mr. Mayoor Shetty. He then engaged the audience with an educative speech. He began with the question, "Why is the environment important?" and the children provided excellent answers. Mr. Shetty explained climate change, the greenhouse effect and the differences between global warming and climate change. He discussed the causes of climate change, temperature and carbon dioxide data, melting glaciers and offered solutions like protecting trees, showing empathy, using available resources wisely and reducing meat and clothing consumption.

The program was skilfully hosted by Class X students, under the guidance of their class mentors- Mrs. Jahnavi, Mrs. Sonia, and Mrs. Liffin.Yanvi and Joshua Dsouza compered the event. Sania Hani and Siona Rajeev welcomed the gathering and Nafeesa Haifa proposed the vote of thanks.

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