The Vanamahotsava celebration at Carmel School on July 5th, 2024, was a grand celebration aimed at raising awareness about the beauty of nature and fostering an environment that promotes the concepts of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

The event, held in the School Auditorium, was arranged by the enthusiastic students of Grade 2, along with the little ones from LKG and UKG. The festival began with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the distinguished guests: Rev Sr Lilly Pushpa, the Principal; Dr Sr Prem, the Administrator; Rev Sr Premal, the Vice Principal; and Mr. Jeeth Milan Roche- the Chief Guest. A heartfelt prayer service followed themed "Nature: The Greatest Teacher," seeking divine blessings for preserving trees and acknowledging the essential role of plants in sustaining life.

The programme continued with a vibrant welcome dance, setting the tone for the day. Mrs. Ashwitha introduced the Chief Guest, Mr. Jeeth Milan Roche, whose introspective address emphasized the importance of environmental conservation. He posed a thought-provoking question: if their parents provide them with air, water, and food, then they are indeed the richest. He highlighted the alarming statistics, pointing out that a healthy city should have 33 percent green cover, whereas Mangalore only has 6.24 percent. He stressed that humans have invented many things at the cost of forest destruction, leaving only 3 percent of pristine forests. He urged the children to ask their parents to plant saplings, as children often emulate their parents' actions. He also encouraged them to segregate waste at home into dry, hazardous, and e-waste categories, maintain green campuses, and stay connected with nature. Mr. Jeeth Milan Roche’s speech was a call to action for the young audience.

Charithriya and Insiya Khuzema Johara elaborated on the origins and significance of Vanamahotsava, highlighting the critical need for planting trees and conserving the environment. The kindergarteners, with their charming innocence, showcased various green items like apples, chilies, brinjals, capsicums, cucumbers, and trees, articulating their benefits with remarkable clarity. This was followed by a dance drama by Grade 2 students, accentuating the idea that trees and water are nature’s gifts that must be preserved, delivering a performance that captivated the audience.

The event was seamlessly coordinated by Samanvi C Gatty and Sharadi, who welcomed the gathering, and Halims Asfiya and Zahra Khuzema Johara Mariam, who proposed the vote of thanks.

The Vanamahotsava celebration at Carmel School was a resounding success, instilling a deep sense of environmental responsibility in the young minds and reinforcing the message that the preservation of nature is a collective duty. Through engaging performances and thought-provoking speeches, the event beautifully underscored the importance of nurturing our natural surroundings for a sustainable future.

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