The maths workshop on ‘Marvels of Origami Hands-on Maths Activity’ was a captivating and educational event that took place at the school auditorium on the 22nd of March 2024.

The workshop was led by a skilled speaker Dr Adelaide Saldanha, Former HOD, Department of Mathematics, St Agnes College, Mangaluru, demonstrated various mathematical concepts through the art of origami and embroidery.

The speaker began by showcasing how to create a 24-sided polygon using origami, emphasizing the application of arithmetic progression in crafting intricate geometric shapes and designing embroidery patterns. The audience was then guided on constructing a cube using mathematical principles, showcasing the fusion of art and mathematics.
The highlight of the workshop was the expression of creating polyhedrons using origami, illustrating the integration of spatial reasoning and creativity in mathematics.

The programme commenced with a warm welcome and introduction of the speaker by Ms Shilpa, setting the tone for an engaging learning experience. The students actively participated in Activities, expressing their keenness and curiosity throughout the workshop.

As the workshop concluded, Ms Sania and Ms Sara, students of class X, shared their insights and reflections on the session, highlighting the practical application of mathematical concepts in art and design. The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by Ms Mehek, to the speaker for imparting valuable knowledge and inspiring the students to explore the wonders of mathematics through hands-on activities.

The workshop enlightened the students, fostering a deeper appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of learning.























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