A Week-long celebration of Educators Day was held at Carmel School from 4th September to 9th September by the Prefectorial Body and Members of PTA Executive Committee, spectacularly with endless enthusiasm and elation.

Group competitions were conducted under the leadership of Student Council on 2nd September, 2023 at 1 pm in the School Auditorium. The teaching and non- teaching faculty were divided into 7 groups of 10 members and were asked to name their teams in a creative manner, where they participated in different competitions - COOKING WITHOUT FIRE & WEALTH OUT OF WASTE. The competitions took place simultaneously as the teachers displayed their creativity by preparing various items out of waste while culinary geniuses cooked delicious dishes for the audience. The judges were indeed overwhelmed with the response from the faculty. Trustworthy Crew and Rising Stars were declared as winners of the competitions. 5th September – The Mentors Day initiated with a thanksgiving Mass celebrated by Rev Fr Arul Gnana Prakash, Betharram Father – a liturgy manifesting the unity of the Carmel Family around the table of the Lord, at 8.30 am at Mother Veronica Auditorium. In his inspirational homily, Rev Fr Arul explained that only a teacher could answer: What, How and Why of Life and reiterated the role of a teacher as a motivator, counsellor and a mentor. The Sermon aided the faithful to draw out gems of wisdom and insight. It was indeed thought-provoking. After the Eucharistic Celebration the Bubbling enthusiastic students showcased their talents to exhibit their love, regard, acknowledgement and recognition of the seamless labour of the teachers in leading them to the threshold of their minds and in aiding them to strive for goals. The programme included Wishing Songs, Heartfelt Speeches, Thematic Dances and a Funny Skit on Online Learning scripted by Amna of Grade 10. Mr. Karunakar -The Chief Guest of the Day expressed his sincere gratitude to the Flowers of Carmel for the lively performances that infused the celebration with energy and entertainment leaving both the teachers and the students with lasting memories of camaraderie and admiration. The programme was interspersed with fun filled group games which thrilled both the Teachers and the Prefectorial Board alike and prizes were distributed by Rev Sr. Lilly Pushpa -The Principal, Dr Sister Marie Prem D’Souza-the Administrator and Rev Sr. Premal- The Vice Principal to the winning and the participating teams. The school management remained indebted to the tireless services of the educators and as a sign of love and appreciation gifted them with a memento. The day ended with a fellowship meal.

Anam and Dhanishka compered the programme. Sara welcomed the gathering and Sahitya proposed the Vote of thanks.

On 9th September PTA Executive Committee greeted the staff and celebrated the Teachers’ Day under the guidance of Mr Ashok and Mr Sathyanarayan. The programme started with prayer song followed by the cutting of the cake. Mr. Sathyanarayan S, PTA Treasurer acknowledged the Sacrifices, the exemplary life led and the challenges faced by the committed educators of Carmel School in shaping and moulding the lives of their wards. Mr. Sathish, Mrs Sheela, Mrs Akshatha and Mrs Sandhya shared their thoughts and experiences of their stay in the prestigious institution that was indeed mind blowing. Mrs Rose and group conducted memorable games that indeed created a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere and celebrated the spirit of collaboration and friendship. Rev Sister Lily Pushpa, the Principal in her presidential address valued the teachers for their cheerfulness, wisdom and readiness with concrete examples that received a thunderous applause from the parents. The parents offered a rose and a photo frame and sponsored High Tea.

Dr. Rouchelle Tellis compered the programme. Mrs Rafia welcomed the gathering and Mrs. Zeena Menezes, the Secretary of PTA and Mr Ashok M Prasad, The Vice President of the PTA issued message of thanks.






























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