Our school organized the "Carmel Treasures Retreat" for Grade X students on January 31, 2024. This unique event, carefully crafted by the school management, aimed to instil the cherished Carmel ethics in the students, serving as a compass as they approach the threshold of the wider world.
The day commenced with an invigorating introduction by Sr. Premal A.C., focusing on the four constants of Carmel, setting the tone for a day of self-reflection and self-discovery.

Following the enlightening introduction, Sr. Lilly Pushpa, the Principal, led the students on a rejuvenating Nature Walk and Meditation session. The enthusiastic response from the students highlighted the success of this segment, where they found solace in silencing their minds and reconnecting with the profound messages’ nature had to offer.

Dr. Sr. Prem D Souza deepened the spiritual exploration with an introspective talk on "Who is God to Me?" This session provided valuable insights into the students' personal relationships with the divine and encouraged them to be conscious of the qualities embodied by a person connected to God.

Mrs. Liffin, in her engaging session on Happiness, guided the students on a journey to discover lasting happiness. Her words resonated with the students, offering them practical wisdom for their daily pursuit of joy and fulfilment.

Decision making is key to the youth of today and having faith in God, relying on His power, listening to one’s inner voice and conscience, seeking guidance are some of the ways to decision making was delivered to the students through a motivating talk on ‘Goal directed choices’ by Mrs. Lidwin .

Mrs. Cynthia Renjal took the stage to shed light on the concept of 'Being Special: Service with Love.' Her discourse cantered on the idea that a career is not just a means of personal success but an opportunity to love and serve the society and to view their future careers as avenues for making a meaningful contribution to the world.

The Treasure box contained the treasures that were discussed during the day. After each session the treasure was ceremoniously dropped into the box and the students prepared a book mark picking out a treasure they wanted to live by.

Each session was well marinated with right blend of real-life experiences, videos, informative PowerPoint presentations, group discussions, anecdotes and worksheets.

The day concluded with a prayer led by Sr. Premal, where students, holding lighted diyas, expressed gratitude and sang hymns with determination to carry the light forward in their lives. The collaborative efforts of the staff as resource persons and the active participation of the students successfully fulfilled the aim of empowering the young minds of Carmel School, preparing them to grow into responsible and compassionate adults.






























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