Carmel School systematized a workshop on cancer awareness on 18th September, 2023 in Mother Veronica Auditorium for the students of Grade 8.

The Seminar commenced with invocation song by the Carmel Choir. Rev Sister Lily Pushpa- The Principal and Rev Sister Premal- The Vice Principal graced the seminar. The centerpiece of the workshop was an illuminative keynote address delivered by Dr. Lenisha Sequeira, a senior resident in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Father Muller Hospital. Dr. Sequeira's presentation delved into the causes, types, and available treatments for cancer. She emphasized the importance of understanding the root causes, from lifestyle choices to genetic factors and environmental influences. Furthermore, she provided an extensive overview of the various types of cancer, stressing the significance of early detection. Dr. Sequeira also shed light on some practical ways to lead a healthier life and on the array of treatment options available, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. On the whole The cancer awareness workshop left an indelible impact on grade 8 students, providing them with valuable insights into this critical health issue. With the blessings of the Divine and the knowledge gained from Dr. Lenisha Sequoia's expertise, the students were better equipped to lead healthy lives and to promote cancer awareness within their community.

A total amount of Rs 78,500/- garnered from the entire Carmel Family was deployed towards financial assistance to one of the Supporting Staff Members suffering from Cancer & Poverty.

Sheethal from Grade 8 compered the event. Mrs Reena and Mrs Sharada welcomed and thanked the gathering.

















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