In a surprising twist, the typically tranquil ambiance of Carmel School's grounds morphed into an arena of both athleticism and joy on the 25th of November, 2023. The event, initiated with a solemn invocation, swiftly evolved into a dynamic and spirited sports meet exclusively tailored for parents. Defying the boundaries of age, an unexpected multitude of parents wholeheartedly participated in a variety of activities that nostalgically echoed their own school days, creating an atmosphere filled with both competitive spirit and laughter.

The track echoed with the thunderous steps of parents sprinting in the 200 meters Running Race, their determination defying the years that may have passed since their last dash. Laughter filled the air as the classic games of lemon and spoon, Sack Race, and Hoops Race brought out the inner child in participants. Meanwhile, the thud of shotputs hitting the ground marked the serious contenders in the Shotput event, proving that age was no barrier to strength. The fields hosted spirited Tug of War competitions and on the volleyball and throw ball courts, parents, usually accustomed to cheering from the periphery, demonstrated unexpected agility and skill in intense matches. The most impressive moment was seeing the limitless love between the husband and wife during the couple’s race. The sports meet not only fostered a sense of camaraderie among the parents but also served as a heart-warming reminder that the spirit of sportsmanship knows no age.

Dr. Sr. Prem D'Souza, the administrator, and Rev. Sr. Premal, the Vice Principal were in attendance the entire day. Mr. Karunakar and Mrs Sachitha-the Physical Directors proposed the vote of thanks.

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