In a mesmerizing spectacle, our school, transformed into a vibrant Eden as the Kindergarten children unveiled their extravagant exhibition, "Nature's Paradise," on Tuesday, 23rd January 2024.

The event was inaugurated by esteemed guests Rev Sr. Rose Agnes A.C, Assistant Provincial Superior, Rev Sr. Lilly Pushpa, Principal, Rev Sr. Smitha A.C, the Joint Secretary, Dr. Sr. Prem D Souza, Administrator, Rev Sr. Premal, Vice Principal creating an aura of anticipation and excitement. The exhibition, attended by a sea of kindergarten parents, aimed to showcase the boundless wonders of nature through the creative lenses of the little ones, promising a journey into the realms of flowers, fruits, plant life, farm animals, water animals, and shapes.

Following the grand inauguration, the school corridors echoed with eagerness as the little ones, adorned as blossoms and fruits, warmly welcomed Sisters and parents, guiding them to their respective classes. Each classroom held a unique presentation, starting with LKG A's enchanting display of intricate flower models, bouquets and handcrafted vases, creating a floral haven. Meanwhile, LKG B exhibited a fruity paradise, featuring a tiny tot showcasing her entrepreneurial skills as a fruit vendor. The journey through Plant Life, manifested by LKG C, delved into the magic of germination, growth stages and the marvels of photosynthesis, unveiling a kaleidoscope of medicinal and decorative plants. Shapes took centre stage in UKG A, with five corners of the classroom demonstrating the basic geometric wonders found at home, accompanied by a delightful food counter showcasing various items moulded into those very shapes.

The underwater world came to life in UKG B, where water animals were shown through informative displays and cardboard crafts created from the ingenious use of waste materials. The children even recited a poem on fish, adding a delightful touch to their aquatic exploration. The UKG class C went beyond the barn doors with a captivating display on the Farm House, featuring essential farm animals and their contributions to our lives. In essence, Carmel School's "Nature’s Paradise" proved to be a captivating journey, blending education with creativity, and showcasing the immense potential of the youngest minds. The exhibition not only left parents in awe but also instilled a sense of pride in the students, teachers and the entire school community.





























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